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    Migrating Seam application from Windows to Redhat


      I am about to launch a new version of my software and would really like to move from Windows 2000 to Redhat.

      My application is based on Seam 2.0.1/EJB3, PostgreSQL 8.3, on JBAS 4.2.2, JRockit 6 R27.4 JRE.

      Would someone please comment on their experience with Windows to Linux for this type of application.

      My experience with Linux is minimal, but I have hired a Linux consultant to help me with the transition. He has no experience with JBoss and mainly sets up large clusters of Redhat boxes.

      1. Once I have JBAS and PostgreSQL set up on the Linux box can I expect the same ear built on windows to work without problems?
      2. Are there any pitfalls I should look out for?
      3. Is there any documentation to ease the windows to Redhat transition?
      4. Any other general advice?
      5. How does performance compare for Windows vs Redhat for this type of application?

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          Norman Richards Master

          I've never had any problems moving Seam apps between machines. Unless you've done something platform-specific, everything should be fine. You might find that different VM/network configuration settings will work better on Linux than on Windows, but all that is at the appserver level and not in your application itself.

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            Thanks Norman. That is what I figured. If anyone else has tips, please let me know.

            This is why I hired the consultant fast track things like:

            1. Setting multiple JBAS instances to start of on separte IP addresses
            2. Make these services start after PostgreSQL
            3. General security and management concerns.
            4. Make me a kickstart install disk.

            Where would be the best place to ask the following licensing questions?

            1. Can I include JBoss LGPL products on the kickstart that will install the OS?
            2. Can I include my closed source application based on JBoss LGPL products on my kickstart disk?

            This kickstart disk is mainly for disaster recovery and will not be distributed as a generic installer for the application.

            I will however install fresh copy of Linux. Run a script to set up the database and JBAS and deploy my application.

            I can put the application setup on a separate disk if necessary, but would rather not.