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    component with multiple interfaces?

    Alex Zhang Newbie

      My question is: can you use one component with multiple interfaces for multiple purposes?

      I am trying to use one class as both the backing bean and the selectItem converter, like this:

      public class FooManagerBean implements FooManager, javax.faces.convert.Converter{

      <h:selectOneMenu ... converter="#{fooManager}"></h:selectOneMenu>

      But at run time I got this exception:

      Cannot convert FooManagerBean:3j011-5hrmn-fcfnjsws-1-fcfnlgsp-13 of type class org.javassist.tmp.java.lang.Object_$$_javassist_6 to interface javax.faces.convert.Converter

      I think this is neat because the converter and the backing bean are all together so there is no need to pass data around and no synchronization issues.

      Is this possible?