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    file upload and form parameters

    mazz Master

      I have an xhtml page whose URL requires an "id" paramter (http://foo/mypage.xhtml?id=123). Some parts of my page need this id to render things.

      I also have a very simple rich:fileUpload component on my .xhtml page:


      It is working. I can see my file get stored in my temp directory and I see my fileUploadListener get called and it finishes successfully. The file upload works fine.

      However, it seems that my entire page gets refreshed asynchronously to the call to the file upload listener, which causes a JSF error page to display in my browser. The error that is causing this is the fact that my page requires an "id" parameter to be passed in but whatever the file upload component is doing to request a refresh is not passing in the id parameter that did exist at the time I first viewed my page (does this file upload component build its own internal form that is used to submit something?)

      Any ideas how I can force the file upload component to inject required parameters when it requests a page refresh?