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    scrollerListener method not found?!?

    Rich Hephner Newbie


      I'm trying to implement a scollerListener on a datascroller like the following:

      <rich:datascroller id="scroller" for="matches" renderIfSinglePage="false" reRender="resultcount" scrollerListener="#{qsearchRequest.doScroll}"/>

      The EJB qsearchRequest is an ejb defined like so . . .

      public class QSearchRequestAdapter {
      . . . .
       public void doScroll(DataScrollerEvent event) {
      . . .

      The EJB is packaged in a jar file that is deployed as an ear alongside the xhtml file with the datascroller in it. Other properties of the qsearchRequest can be found, but not the doScroll method.

      What the heck am I doing wrong?