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    PDF template, space not showing

    Terry Apprentice

      Certain places in template ignore spaces, I haven't been able to find a workaround for this.

      Expecting "Data as at: 01-01-2007" but get "Data as at:01-01-2007", when using p:text

      Same problem with p:pageNumber; expecting "Page - 4" but get "Page -4"

      <p:cell horizontalAlignment="right" verticalAlignment="middle"><p:paragraph><p:font size="10">Data as at: <p:text value="#{applicationStatByCourse.applicationClosingDate}"><s:convertDateTime pattern="dd-MM-yyyy"/></p:text></p:font></p:paragraph></p:cell>
      <p:footer borderWidthTop="1" borderColorTop="black" borderWidthBottom="0" alignment="center">Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (inc) - [page - <p:pageNumber/>]</p:footer>