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    SeamTest and JSFUnit and Selenium: When and Why?


      I very much want to do things the "right" way, and that means testing. Yet with all the options out there (SeamTest, JSFUnit, Selenium) as well as all the various categories of testing (unit, integration, acceptance, performance), I am really confused as to which serves which purpose.

      It seems like JSFUnit makes SeamTest integration tests unnecessary. SeamTest unit tests though are still cool. It also seems like JSFUnit does what Selenium would do (acceptance testing) if Selenium could understand RichFaces components. Still, Selenium does have a format that normal people can understand.

      I can continue to ramble, but I would rather have some insight into how these various testing options fit into the various categories of testing. For example, could I legitimately use SeamTest for unit testing and JSFUnit for integration, acceptance, and performance testing?