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    No active JTA transaction on joinTransaction call   after

    dreu zel Novice

      I've hardly any luck setting up Self managed transactions

      after arround 280 (it varies) but is arround 5 minutes of operations
      i have an error No active JTA transaction on joinTransaction call

      the effective error is the result of NO TRANSACTION IN progress
      afer arround 280 transactions
      Ive placed cach detection over all my code, I guess there is no way
      toc have untrapped errors
      All errors are displayed in text

      I disabled seam managed transactions
      ( transactions=false /// notransactions

      and i'm attempting to use BMT handling the transactions myself

      I succeed for about 280 transactions (+- 20)
      I need more then a few thousand transactions to operate.

      a) I do not know what timeout/problem I'm hitting

      My session timeout is set to 30 minutes, but it fails in 5 minutes

      I'm injecting the

      @PersistenceContext (type=EXTENDED) private EntityManager em;

      and I'm linking the transaction to the em
       userTransaction= org.jboss.seam.util.EJB.getEJBContext().getUserTransaction();//EJB

      and this is where I get the error.

      as I Ommit the above instruction

      I get no transaction active
      as I flusch the related updated record. (at arround the same period ...)

      I think I understand how transactions work, although the multiple
      timeout and setup facilities plus all what is wat is said in different
      forums messes up the concrete implementation

      as the number of transactions is limited to 5 minutes (processing a request) using Seam seams to get into trouble...

      is there a way to get out of the mess, and have controll over
      trsaction and so the way the applications work ? or do we need to give in to hidden limitations taking several days to clarify if ever ....

      any help is certainly welcome