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    well-formed character problem


      Hi, I am getting the following message in different use-cases:

      Error Parsing /router.xhtml: Error Traced[line: 22] The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.

      First one is, when I use german Umlaute like ä.
      How do I write this Characters correctly into the xhtml-document?

      the other one is maybe a thinking error by myself. I am trying to iterate over a String-Array and to print all elements to screen, in this case in a html-drop-down-select-box.
      At first, I had this code, which worked, but it was very slow, because it called router.getEndNodes() for every element.
      <select name="end" rendered="#{router.endNodes!=null}">
       <c:forEach var="w" items="${router.endNodes}">
       <option value="${w}">${w}</option>

      I changed the getEndNodes-Method to cache the Strings and not load them from the database at every method call.
      @Transient public String[] getEndpointNames()
      { if(namearray==null) { namearray = loadEndNodes(); } return namearray; }
      @Transient public String[] loadEndpointNames()
      { ArrayList<String> nl = (ArrayList<String>) entityManager.createQuery("select name from Endpoint order by name").getResultList();
       String[] na = new String[nl.size()]; int counter = 0;
       for(String name: nl) { na[counter++] = name; }
       return na; }

      But this is still very slow (about 5 seconds for 200 short string elements).
      So I thought about caching the String[] in the html/jsp/xml-page itself by assigning it to a temporary variable:
      <% String[] endNodes = ${router.endNodes}; %>
      <select name="end" rendered="#{endNodes!=null}">
       <c:forEach var="w" items="${endNodes}">
       <option value="${w}">${w}</option>

      And then I get again the above error message from the parser.

      Do I have to wrap the statement, some characters, did I type it wrong or is it not possible to do such an assignment at all?

      By the way, Is there no predefined tag for select-boxes?

      If someone has a better solution for the drop-down-box, please post it. I'm not bound to any datatypes, it's only strings defined in a database.

      Thanks in advance, Peter