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    Seam doesn't integrate with RichFaces?

    alain hsiung Newbie


      I had a backing bean with a DataModel and DataModelSelection that was working with JSF h:dataTable.

      Now I changed to RichFaces rich:datatable and I got an exception:

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: value of context variable is not an instance of the component bound to the context variable: passengerFlight

      I use the classic Seam s:link as well as the more tricky Tomahawk t:selectOneRadio. Should it work with RichFaces also?

      As I understand the classic HotelBooking sample we can use Seam s:link or JSF h:commandLink or h:commandButton. But RichFaces already provides a selection mechanism. So I would like to make use of it.

      How can I use Seam with RichFaces rich:scrollableDataTable and set Seam DataModelSelection?

      I want to use Seam because I don't want to have RichFaces code all over the EJBs. If I use RichFaces selection I need RichFaces classes on the EJB-side.