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    Problem with several Seam based jars during startup

    Yuriy Movchan Newbie


      I have spited my application to 2 separated projects (to reuse in future).
      After splitting I built 2 jars. Every parts has own configuration in META-INF folder:
      to access different databases and have different entities.

      Now I'm trying to start my application. During startup I see in logs that first part is deployed without problems. But for second one I get such error:
      2008-02-17 23:43:42,060 [Thread-1] INFO - starting up: ejbTEST2
      2008-02-17 23:43:42,060 [Thread-1] INFO - starting the embedded EJB container
      2008-02-17 23:43:42,091 [Thread-1] ERROR - Error installing to Start: name=TransactionManagerInitializer state=Create
      at org.jnp.server.NamingServer.bind(NamingServer.java:144)

      I used in components.xml such lines to init first part:
      <core:init debug="true" jndi-pattern="#{ejbName}/local"/>
      <core:ejb name="ejbTEST" installed="true"/>
      For second I used only one this line:
      <core:ejb name="ejbTEST2" installed="true"/>

      Please, help me to resolve this issue.