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    Mapping context URLs to file system

    Srdjan Komazec Newbie


      Does anyone know how can I setup context under Tomcat integrated with JBoss (ver 3.2.3). It worked with JBoss 3.0.4 (under Jetty) but I have a problem with this one (Tomcat vesion).

      For example, I want to map D:\files\set1 to http://localhost/webapp/docs where webapp stands for web application name.

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          treespace Novice

          To clarify you want to use a context that exists outside of your JBoss configuration's deploy folder? If that assumption is correct you can expand the search path of the JBoss deployer with URLs in your jboss-service.xml -- search for the string Deployment Scanning.

          Say you had a war file in c:\foo called bar.war. That would be picked up if you added c:\foo to the deployment scanner URL list.

          deploy/, file:///c:/foo

          Double check the syntax of file: URLs but I think that is correct. If the war is in an ear you can map it as usual in the application.xml file.