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    Turning of UseJBossWebLoader but still see lib jars?

    Brian Fox Newbie

      Is it possible to leave UseJBossWebLoader set to 'false' in the tomcat sar's jboss-service.xml file but still be able use classes in the server/default/lib directory in a web app? I am using JBoss 4.0.3 and I have written a custom login module with a custom principal class. I want the custom principal class to be deployed (with the login module) in the server/default/lib directory.

      However, with the UseJBossWebLoader set to false I can't seem to reference this class without adding the jar in my war file as well. Our final configuration will be supporting multiple web apps so I want to keep UseJbossWebLoader to false to solve the JSP naming issue but at the same time I really DO NOT want multiple copies of the principal class floating around.

      I read the wiki page on the loader but everything seemed to explain how to restrict access as opposed to how to open it up again. Any help would be appreciated.