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    Browser back button go too much back

    Ker P Newbie


      I have a problem with the "back" button of the browser.

      I have 3 page : the start page, a list page and a detail page.

      In the beginning, I am at the start page. I use a h:commandlink to go to the list page.
      On that page, I build a dynamic Panel Menu wich I set as AJAX mode (when you click on the menu, the list is rebuild directly and just the list, not the rest of the page).

      panelMenu = new HtmlPanelMenu();
      HtmlPanelMenuItem menuItem_AccountInfo = new HtmlPanelMenuItem();

      In the list, I use an a4j:commandLink (I had to, h:commanlink did not work because I am using on that page I guess) to go to the detail page.

      And then when I click on the browser back button, I go back to the start page (instead of the list page).

      What I am doing wrong? Is there a way to fix this? thanks