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    Studio Creator and j_security_check????

    Aaron Novice

      For the last 2 weeks, I've been trying as many workarounds and attempts with getting Java Studio Creator to use j_security_check.

      I just can't seem to do it. Anyone gotten this working?

      At the most basic layout, I've got two Faces pages. One unprotected, one protected, with a standard JSP logon page (NOT Faces) between.

      The first unprotected Faces page gets rendered correctly. I hit a link that points to a protected Faces page, and the logon page gets presented.


      Once authentication happens, the page is forwarded to the secured Faces page, in which I get an exception "cannot find faces context".

      Well, jeez. If the faces context couldn't be found, how did I get the initial faces page?

      So, I tried to dig into the code that Studio Creator makes, and edited a Faces form to go to "j_security_check". As soon as I save it, Creator thinks it's smarter than me, and puts it's own form elements back into the page.

      Ummmm.... did Sun not think about the standard J2EE web containers when building this product?