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    problems with validation (myfaces)

    Karol Oslowski Newbie

      Dear All,

      I'm developing an application using jboss, myfaces and ADF.

      I'm trying to write a simple registration page. Two of the fields in the registration form are:

      <af:panelLabelAndMessage for="passwdID" label="#{ msg.passwd}">
      <h:inputSecret id="passwdID" value="#{reg.passwd}" rendered="true" maxlength="15" >
      <x:validateEqual for="passwdVer"/>

      <af:panelLabelAndMessage label="#{msg.passwdVer}">
      <h:inputSecret maxlength="15" id="passwdVer" />

      But the validateEqual doesn't work when you submit the form for the first time. The error message is:

      The given value (leviaczek@gmail.com) is not equal with value of "emailVer".

      When I submit the form for the second time it validates the input even if I input different values.

      I would be grateful for any advice how to handle this problem..

      It didn't work even when I was using only myfaces without ADF.

      Kind Regards,