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    Configuration for serving cgi/html/mod re-write rules

    Jim Davis Newbie

      Where can I find some examples or documentation explaining how to configure the Jboss Web Server to serve out cgi-bin perl/cgi scripts and plain ol' .html files. There seems to be zero documentation written for this server. Which makes it very difficult to setup/test its abilitiy to replace my apache/tomcat setup if I have no reference point for where my apache config information would fit in the jboss web server structure.

      In my environment, I run an apache web server running the rewrite module for reverse proxy configuration. On my devleopment nodes, I front apache for html/cgi and tomcat for our JBoss AS. From my understanding of the conference material, the Jboss Web server should allow me to replace each of these servers and thus reduce my total number of web server I am supporting and get some measure of improved performance.

      Now, if I can just get some examples of where I configure my re-write mod rules, cgi-bin scripts and static html, I can get on the path to testing these capabilities.

      Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.