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    Problem finding dll files using PATH environment variable

    Dusty Wilmes Newbie

      When I deploy a project in JBOSS and start the server, an error pops up informing me "Could not find MSLUR.dll". This is a dll file used by IBM's WorkplaceForms parser. What I know is:

      I've got the directory where the dll's for WorkplaceForms are held set using -Djava.library.path=c:\workplaceforms\msc32. It appears to be finding that directory and locating one of these dlls. However, JBOSS then looks for some of the other dlls in that same directory and cannot find them. I suspect that rather than using java.library.path to find those dlls, it may be attempting to use the Windows environment variable PATH. I've modified my PATH variable to include this path C:\workplaceforms\msc32 but to no avail. JBOSS still cannot find the dll. I am wondering, does JBOSS override the Windows PATH variable? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.