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    Corrupted Jars as static files

    Kamal El Bedraoui Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am going through a problem. I want to deploy a client application with Java Web Start, using a jnlp file and some signed jars.
      Deploying in JBossWebServer looks ok, even though i get a message "Failed to map vhost: subdomain.mycompany.com" .. nevertheless it works, i get to download my jar with http://subdomain.mycompany.com/myjar.jar .

      The problem is that the jar served is corrupted, impossible to run it or simply download and unzip it.
      Yes i did try to upload a clean jar direclty in the tmp jboss directory and download again. So it s not the war/unwar process responsible of that.

      Is that something familiar to anyone ?

      Thanks a lot for any help.