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    building the native libraries

    asdfasdg asdg Newbie

      How do I build the native libraries?
      I tried nearly everything, ant build doesn't build the libraries.
      Even the NMAKEMakefile doesn't work for me. I installed the latest nmake from AT&T research, but the makefile is incompatible with nmake for unix.
      Can you give me a hint how to build openssl / apr native libraries?
      Thanks for your help.

      P.S I have to compile the whole jboss-web from source because I'm using FreeBSD with sun certified 1.5 patch 7 JDK. So I can't take your already compiled version. Instead I have to use the source. Which works fine besides the native libs. ;-)

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          asdfasdg asdg Newbie

          ok I found the solution.
          you have to execute buildprep.sh within src/share/native/build.
          This will build the tomcat-native.tgz. You have to extract the fetched sources.
          change directory to tomcat-native and execute buildworld.sh.

          within native-builds/i386/lib I executed. tar -cf - * | (cd /data/jboss-web/bin/native/ | tar -xvpf -)
          to copy them over.
          And finally.

          jbossweb 1.0.1-current is running fine on FreeBSD 6.1 with diablo-jdk 1.5.0_7