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    ModalPanel and form submission

    asaf sh Expert


      I am trying to submit a form by using the standard <h:commandButton> tag within a modalPanel,

      Following is a sample code:

      <h:inputText value="#{comp.myValue}"/>
      <a:commandButton value="#{messages['velo.button.ApproveSelected']}" id="link">
       <rich:componentControl for="mp" attachTo="link" operation="show" event="onclick"/>
      <rich:modalPanel id="mp">
      <h:commandButton action="#{someComponent.invokeAction()}" value="Approve!!" />

      Seems like the commandButton does not invoke the action, it actually does not do anything,

      The ajaxified commandButton works fine but I need to use the standard commandButton as I'm using Seam that calculates the next page to be redirected to via the invoked action.

      Any clue?

      Thanks in advanced,