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    JBoss Web, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss AS....I'm confused!

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      There are so many different things relating to JBoss and web serving that I am hoping to have some questions answered straight from the source:

      I believe all of these four (JBoss Web, Apache, Tomcat, and JBoss AS) are able to serve static HTTP web pages. Is this correct?

      I also believe that three of the four (JBoss Web, Tomcat, and JBoss AS) are able to serve dynamic JSPs and Servlets. Is this correct?

      Is JBoss AS the only one of the four that can serve JSF pages?

      One a conceptual level, if one needs to serve static web pages, dynamic JSPs, Servlets, JSF, and EJBs, what would be a sample architecture in terms of the JBoss Web, Apache, Tomcat, and JBoss AS.

      I watched the JBoss Web webinar, but am still unsure what JBoss's objective is with JBoss Web. For new web projects, is it recommended (for my above criteria) to get rid of Apache and Tomcat and replace it with JBoss Web in the architecture?

      And to confuse things further, isn't Tomcat built into JBoss AS, or something like that?

      I truly hope that somebody who understands all of this (such as somebody from JBoss) will respond a detailed explanation of all of this, because I'm quite frankly confused to the point where I don't know how to proceed.

      Any insight that can be provided on this matter would be thoroughly appreciated.

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          Mladen Turk Newbie

          It's not that complicated:

          - JBossWeb is targeted for users using standalone Tomcat that do not need EJB, and it can replace standard Apache Httpd+Tomcat for static content delivery, because it contains OPenSSL and APR native libraries for higher performance for the static content.

          - Everything else is like before :)


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            Anne Forumer Newbie

            I am glad that lightbulb asked this question! The answer may not be "complicated" for people who know. But I didn't find any answers until I saw this thread.

            I use JBoss 4.0.4 and will soon migrate to 4.2.1. I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out a way to get rid of Apache httpd altogether because of new architecture of JBossWeb. I can now stop this search because of the answer given in this thread.

            I am curious, though, that if JBossWeb has comparable performance to Apache httpd because of APR, what are the reasons not to get rid of Apache altogether.

            I'd appreciate any thoughts and/or references.