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    JBoss AS 5, JBoss Web and Tomcat

    Kurt De Wit Newbie


      There seems to be a lot of confusion with the appearance of JBoss Web and the existence of Tomcat within the new JBoss AS.
      I read on the developer forum that JBoss WEB will be a part of the new release of JBoss AS (version 5). Does this mean that the embedded Tomcat container will be entirely replaced by JBoss Web with the new release?
      In other words, JBoss Web will be used to serve servlets instead of Tomcat with the new release and there won't be a Tomcat used within JBoss AS anymore?


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          Mladen Turk Newbie

          Yes and No :)

          JBossWeb IS Tomcat. For AS we'll use Tomcat6 as
          part of JBossWeb. So for AS5 the jbossweb.sar
          will be used instead tomcat-xx.sar, and the jbossweb.sar
          will contain:
          - Tomcat6
          - Additional modules developed by JBoss like Rewrite, etc.

          So, it's still good old Tomcat code, but we'll implement a different patch policy.