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    Jboss web server's capability of connetion

    rong bin Newbie

      i move a web server from tomcat to jbossweb1.0.1-GA,but the capability is not very good.
      when i do the press test on jboss default config, it have two error. and when i change the jboss's config, it have more error.
      the most error is Http 500 or server have shut down the connection.
      i have two question:
      1. how to change the jboss connnector config? where is the config file?
      2. how to configure the jboss connector config to get the best capability??
      My computor have two intel ia64 3.4G cpu, have 2G memery.

      thank you

      ps: if you have some document about the jbossweb capability,please send to me.
      my e-mail is rongbino@163.com