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    From Apache to JBoss Web (mod_xxx plugins??)

    Javid Jamae Newbie

      Do you know if JBoss WebServer is supposed to have support for mod_xxx plugins?

      I want to frontload a JBoss 5 app server (which of course runs JBoss Web Server internally) with a standalone instance JBoss Web Server. This would be similar to many deployment topologies that frontload JBoss with Apache. Of course, Apache and IIS have support for mod_xxx plugins, and the configuration is very well documented.

      From what I understand Jboss WebServer is supposed to (eventually) be an alternative to other native Web servers such as Apache and IIS, but I'm not sure how exactly you are supposed to configure a standalone version of JBoss WebServer to communicate with an app server if it doesn't have support for mod_??? plugins. I couldn't find anything in the online documentation. Could somebody point me in the right direction.

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          zaid haque Newbie

          Ideally as I read from documentations, JBoss AS 5 has in built JBoss Web server substituting the Tomcat. This means now you have JBoss Web Server + JBoss AS that replaces your setup of Apache + JBoss AS. Unfortunately JBoss AS 5 is in beta and I had posted the question to JBoss guys in this same forum whether I could use JBoss AS 4.0.5 + JBoss Web Server. But no replies yet. JBoss 4.0.5 comes with Tomcat and we have to front it with Apache to serve static contents.

          I hope this gives you some idea though it may not be the exact answer to your question.

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            Jean-Frederic Clere Master

            JBoss AS 5 integrates JBoss Web server. And JBoss Web server is powered by Apache Tomcat. That means you could use JBoss AS to serve static contents directly. But you cannot use the native mod_xxx Apache httpd modules in JBoss AS 5.

            JBoss Web Server offers you a mod_rewrite valves, a php5servlet for php5 applications, cgi servlet etc...

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              Javid Jamae Newbie

              Thanks for the responses.

              mod_rewrite can only provide a randomized load-balancing strategy (using the RewriteMap configuration directive) with no server affinity or failover capabilities.

              I was not asking about using mod_xxx plugins in JBoss AS 5, I was asking about using them in JBoss Web Server running standalone (which I now understand that you can't do).

              It seems that JBoss Web Server will be a great replacement as an embedded Web container for JBoss AS, but cannot really compete as a standalone Web server in an enterprise application deployment. In the enterprise world, I don't seem much use for a native Web server unless I can throw it in the DMZ and have it load-balance to app servers running behind a firewall. With a lack of mod_jk (or some alternative) support, I don't see how this is possible.

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                - - Newbie

                so if one has setup of standalone apache load balance several jboss servers and tomcat embeded in versions before jboss 5 - what are alternatives of load balancing if one wants to use jboss 5 with jbossweb server and where is doc or how to on this?