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    Starting server with args

    Malert Jones Newbie

      I need to start the jboss server with some of the specifications that i need to give as arguments while starting the server.

      1. need to start the server in production mode enabled
      2. need to start the server with the console diabled
      3. need to specify the domain for the jboss server
      4. specify the user password

      all of these features must be set using the command line argument.
      can any one please help me on this,

      Malert Jones

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          Peter Johnson Master

          Is this question about JBoss Application Server or JBoss Web Server? They are two different products and this forum is the JBoss Web Server, so I will assume that is the one you are asking about.

          1) What is the difference, according to you, between production mode and non-production mode? (No such distinction exists within the JBoss Web Server) Without knowing this, I cannot answer your question.

          2) If you want to have a switch whereby you can start the JBoss Web Server either with the consoles deployed or not deploy, the easiest way I can think of to do this is to change the run script that starts the Web Server to remove the server/default/deploy/management and server/default/deploy/management directories (and their contents) before starting the Web Server.

          3) Use the -b option for the run script, this option binds the Web Server to a particular IP address.

          4) For which user? There could be thousands.

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            Malert Jones Newbie

            Thanks for your reply peter, I got the solution for this by looking at the properties page for jboss given in http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=JBossProperties.

            Malert Jones