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    JasperException: page encoding problem Jboss4.2.1.GA

    Janardhan Burugupalli Newbie


      My setUp
      Jboss - 4.2.1.GA
      I think tomcat is 6 by default

      My problem

      JasperException: org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /jsp/logon.jsp(1,1) Page-encoding specified in XML prolog (UTF-8) is different from that specified in page directive (utf-8)

      in my JSP the the root element contains two attributes
      directive = utf-8

      It is silly that this is case sensitive, So if I change my JSP to use both UTF-8 and UTF-8 it works. Is there any way to turn off this strict checking mechanism of Jasper in Tomcat 6, it works fine in the Jboss-4.0.8 version.