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    ExtendedTableDataModel no longer Serializable?

    Jan Baumann Newbie

      It seems that in 3.3.0 the ExtendedTableDataModel no longer extends the SerializableDataModel, and while still having a field called serialVersionUID is no longer implementing any Serializable interface. This resulted in the problem of no longer being able to put an ExtendedTableDataModel in a flow scope when using spring webflow, as this requires the objects to be serializable and renders quite some ugly errors when they are not.

      Anybody having the same problem and perhaps a solution? Currently our only solution is to revert to 3.2.2, subclassing ExtendedTableDataModel unfortunately doesn't work as well, since the Serializable interface states that the non-serializable superclass of a serializable subclass offers a default no-args constructor, which is also not the case with ExtendedTableDataModel.