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    CrossContext jsessionid

    Jorge Morales Master

      I have two applications:
      One of them generates a session ID, executes some process, and in some situations, forwards to a jsp in another web application. I do this as a pluggable templating system. In this JSP I do some things, and return the requested page to the user, but although I do a encodeURL for every link in the page, jsessionid is not introduced in the urls.
      Looking at the code, I have seen this (org.apache.catalina.connector.Response), line 1413, method doIsEncodeable(req,res)

      String contextPath = getContext().getPath();
      if (contextPath != null) {
       String file = url.getFile();
       if ((file == null) || !file.startsWith(contextPath))
       return (false);
       if( file.indexOf(";jsessionid=" + session.getIdInternal()) >= 0 )
       return (false);

      Looking at this code, I assume it is IMPOSSIBLE to encode urls in different contexts.

      Is there a way to achieve this? Is this a bug, or expected behaviour?