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    How do I completely disable session creation/tracking in Tom


      Hi folks,

      I did a search for this and couldn't find anything here. I'm using JBossAS v4.03SP1, yes I know, it's an old one and I should upgrade, and depending on the answer to this question I might immediately.

      I have a single EAR file deployed and from its WAR web app I'm serving out a few WSDLs as well. The context path for all my served SOAP requests is "/services".

      What I've found out recently is that when the embedded Tomcat receives any SOAP requests it's creating automatically creating a HttpSession (I know, to be exptected). All my WS calls are "headless" calls that do not require a session in any way. What I need to know are the following:

      1. Is there any way thru JBoss or Tomcat configuration where I can tell it NOT to create/track HttpSessions for a particular context path (ie: /services) ?

      2. If above answer is no, is there a JBoss/Tomcat config to completely disable HttpSession creation/tracking for a particular Connector?

      3. If above is still no, how about for the whole web server?

      Any help is much appreciated.