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    CometEvent WRITE/resume() interface

    null null Newbie

      I'm a bit baffled with the WRITE semantic in CometEvent.
      Does the resume() semantic imply that the servlet should keep a reference to the last comet event handled and call resume on it ?
      I.e, in pseudo-code:

      void event(CometEvent e) {
      case READ:
      if (all request is read) {
      case EVENT:
      // resume was called: write on reponse
      while (e.ready()) {
      e.getHttpResponse().getWriter().print(some buffer);
      case WRITE:
      // Continue with writing
      e.getHttpResponse().getWriter().print(some other buffer);

      void doAsync(final CometEvent e) {
      (new Thread() { public void run() {
      ...do something...

      Anyone can confirm ?