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    Problems with jboss web native connectors.

    roberto roberto Novice

      I have a problem using jboss web native connectors (latest version and I try also a previous one version).
      I download and installed it under JBOSS 4.2.2 and 4.2.3 (installing means only copy dll under jboss\bin\native folder)

      When I have a huge number of users (over 50 users with a high stress workload.. I'm using rational performance test to measure performance of my ear application),
      I recieve occasionally an exception "impossible to establish a server connection..."

      If I remove native DLLs all works fine!!!
      Very strange...

      Native libs must help jboss to support a huge number of users...
      so why with DLL it doesn't works and without it works?

      There is a way to debug it ?