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    Problem starting deployed RichFaces war

    Andrey Stepanov Newbie


      I would be really grateful for any help though I guess there must be some easy solution. But I have killed quite a lot of time trying to run some RichFaces application so ... you understand.

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.2
      WEB-INF\lib contains following jars:


      all collected by Maven

      If my jsp-pages contain only jsf-components then my application works fine with RichFaces libraries included in war.
      But if I put though <a4j: or <rich: tags on page, then my application deploys, there seems to be no trace of error in the jBoss log ... alas,
      page never really loads.
      What is happening actually is that page seems to be loading but the loading process never goes further than the message in the status bar "Elements 4/4".
      I have tried to remove jBoss libraries from server > default > lib with the names similar to those included in war - commons-beanutils, commons-logging and two others (though versions are diferrent). This did not help.

      So now I'm asking your help ...

      Another problem is does anyone may explain why the war I have downloaded from this site titled "Ready-to-Deploy war RichFaces Demos for JavaEE 5 Containers - JBoss 4.2.0 and other" does not deploy on my machine?

      Thank you in advance to anyone who will take trouble to give a hint of solution to me.