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    The reference guide

    John Ament Master

      So I'm reading through the reference guide, and honestly the main reason I'm interested in DNA is the rest service. When I got to http://jboss.org/file-access/default/members/dna/freezone/docs/0.5/manuals/reference/html_single/reference-guide-en.html#rest_service I noticed that the code boxes were all empty. Is this on purpose?

      Also, when I built from maven I didn't get the WAR file. I'm not sure what I missed, and it's not clear if I need to buid a separate target.

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          Randall Hauch Master

          Hmm... I just checked and the code boxes are all populated. Maybe the stylesheet is not working for you. What browser and OS are you using to view the document? Are other code samples readable in the rest of the document?

          After running "mvn clean install" at the top-level of the project (e.g., under trunk), you should find the REST service's WAR file in the "dna-web-jcr-rest-war" project (in the extensions folder) at "./extensions/dna-web-jcr-rest-war/target/resources.war".

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            John Ament Master

            Yeah, something must have been up with my system. I see the boxes now and the maven instructions.