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    Isolating web applications performance in JBoss Web Server

    Xabier Cenoz Newbie

      Hi all

      I am searching for the best way to isolate the performance of different web applications (contexts) running on the same JBoss Web Server. The objective is to avoid that multiple and heavy requests performed against one web application provoke the server to get overloaded, and therefore, the rest of the applications to perform poorly.

      In IIS6.0 (we are migrating from IIS6.0 to JBoss Web Server) there is a concept called Application Pool. Each Application Pool defined in the IIS runs in its own worker process, so errors in one Application Pool will not affect the applications running in other Application Pools. For example, the amount of CPU usage is configurable separately for each Application Pool. And web applications that belong to different Application Pools can run on the same TCP port.
      We have not found an equivalent concept in Tomcat/JBoss Web Server.

      We will appreciate any kind of suggestion.
      Thanks in advance