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    rewrite valve logging


      I'm trying to get some rewrite valve rules working. I have a rule that is a good regex, I validated it in a couple of regex testers. The rule doesn't seem to work though.

      I was hoping to log the actions for the rewrite valve, but there doesn't appear to be a way to do this.

      I downloaded the source code for JBoss 4.2.3GA, and compiled and installed it. Congifured it and installed my application. All works as expected.

      I hunted around for the rewrite valve code, and found it in a zip file in the source code:


      When I had a look at the code in there I discovered there is no logging whatsoever in the code. I added some logging to a separate file, and then found out there isn't a build.xml file for this library. I created one, built a jbossweb.jar and installed it in my JBoss environment in two places:


      I restarted JBoss, and the changes had no effect. My log file was not created when I accessed the web application.

      I then renamed my rewrite.properties file, and when I restarted JBoss, I got the expected log message that it couldn't find the file. I found this log message in the code, changed it, and built the jbossweb.jar file again. Installed it, restated JBoss, and the log message didn't change.


      Am I modifying the correct source code?
      Am I installing the jbossweb.jar file properly?
      Is there someplace else to install it?

      Any help would be appreciated. The rewrite valve really needs a logging capability.

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          I figured out at least part of the problem. Because of the lack of a build.xml file I had created my own that put all of the compiled class files in the jbossweb.jar file. It turns out some of them go in jbossweb-extras.jar.

          Including the build.xml file in the source distribution would have been very helpful, and not too much to ask IMHO.