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    IIS-JBoss configuration

    Sujit Zingade Newbie


      Can someone please clarify my doubts/concerns regarding IIS-JBoss integration ?

      I am trying to configure IIS[v6.0] with JBoss[v4.2.3] and both of them are on different machines. I followed instructions for defining workers in workers.properties file, define AJP connectors in server.xml etc. Everything works fine.

      The doubt/concern I have is, since my web server[IIS] is on different machine as JBoss application server, I need to have JDK and Tomcat installed on remote web server for workers to function properly.

      Is there any other way to simply proxy all jsp/servlet[dynamic content] requests from IIS to Jboss server and not require to have JDK and Tomcat installed on web server[IIS] ?

      Thanks in advance.