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    New sessionid on every request

    Vitaly Veksler Newbie

      I am in the process of upgrading from 4.0.5 GA to 5.1.0 GAI am using mod_jk with rewrites.

      My app is deployed as "web.war" (exploded - not sure if that makes any difference), <context-root>web</context-root>.

      Requests such as http://hostname/web/myaccount.htm are 100% ok.

      Requests such as http://hostname/myaccount.htm result in new sessionid 100% of the time. (note that apache rewrites this url RewriteRule ^(\w+).htm(\w+)?$ web/$1.htm$2 [L])

      Clearly an issue with cookie path.

      Also interesting: I tested this with all 4.x versions of JBoss - no issues. All 5.x versions exhibit this behavior.

      Any suggestions? I've tried playing around with emptySessionPath - does not seem to have much impact.