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    Layer 7 LB + SSL question

    Vinicius Carvalho Apprentice

      Hello there! We are adding a new node to our jboss web servers and we will use a layer 7 switch to load balance the requests.

      We were thinking in using SSL only at the switch layer, and make all the connections from the switch to jboss web using only http port, and from the switch to the internet using https.

      Well, it seems that we hit a deadlock, since our apps use <transport-guarantee>confidential. Since the switch only communicates with the jboss using http port, it will enter in an infinite loop.

      Disabling the transport-guarantee we faced other problems, when struts try to redirect our requests from https://ourserver/app to /app/index.do, it does not force https :(

      I could not find any docs on jboss or apache, or even googling it, regarding network topology using a layer 7 switch + ssl and jboss.

      Is it really needed to use SSL connector on jboss web even with a layer 7 switch in front of it?