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    ReloadInterceptor fullReload

    Ondrej Medek Apprentice


      I would like Tomcat inside JBoss to reload changed classes in WEB-INF/classes noly, to avoid full application reload. I hope it will speed up my development.

      I am a newbie in Tomcat configuration. I have found two Tomcat options which might be related to this.

      - I do not know, where to put it in JBoss 5.1.0GA server.xml. This file seems different to standard Tomcat's server.xml.

      - in context.xml inmy WEB-INF/. AFAIK it should redeploy my WAR when a class is changed. However, it does not happens. I have a WAR inside EAR.

      Does anybody has JBoss Web configures so one does not need to reload the whole WAR when just one class is changed?

      Thanks very much