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    jbossWeb vs EWS

    Oscar Bonilla Newbie

      What are the diferences between:
      1) Jboss Web Server: jbossWeb (Apache Tomcat + Tomcat Native + Apache Portable Runtime (APR))
      2) Jboss Enterprise Web Server: EWS (Apache Tomcat, Apache Tomcat-Native, Apache Web Server (httpd), & mod_jk)

      Why 2 diferent version, when is one better than the other?

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          Jean-Frederic Clere Master

          JBoss Web is community product it is based on Tomcat but that is a "fork" of Tomcat
          There are several version of Jboss Web actual we are developing version 3.0.x (Which corresponds to Tomcat7 in specs).

          EWS is a Red Hat product. It bundles Tomcat / Tomcat native / httpd (+mod_jk/mod_cluster etc).