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    JBoss Web modules

    Kurt De Wit Newbie

      Hi everybody,

      First of all I want to congratulate everyone involved in JBoss Web with this great initiative to create one web server that will handle both Java and .NET techniques!!! Thumbs up!!!

      Are there actually any plans at this moment for the mentionned .NET module or is it still in design phase? Not that I am such a great MS or .NET lover. Java allways ruled, still rules and will keep on ruling to my personal opinion ;-)
      I am just curious about how this module will be implemented within JBoss Web, how it will work together with .NET and what we can expect from it (from development point of view). The roadmap made me very curious....
      Really looking forward to the first tests :-)) (just to kick some real MS-lover's asses ;-) )

      Kind regards,