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    JBossWeb vs Apache,Mod-JK

    John Hayward Newbie

      A recommended configuration for enterprise applications is to run Apache with Mod-JK in the DMZ forwarding traffic to application servers (Tomcat/ JBOSS, etc) inside a trusted network. This is fairly secure and the load balancing capabilities of JK allow ease of deployment / maintenance of the balanced web applications.

      To achieve high availability by putting jboss-web in the dmz one would need to cluster the application across a couple of servers. It also means your core application (SEAM, jsf, jsp, etc) would be running in the DMZ instead of a middle tier and all that clustering traffic (heartbeats, session maintenance, etc) would be going back and forth in the dmz.

      So is the intent of jboss-web to run your j2ee web applications (ala seam) in the dmz? If not, and you have jboss AS running in the middle tier, is jboss-web supposed to just route traffic to your j2ee web app in the middle tier, and if so... what benefit does that provide beyond apache/mod-JK?