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    Anyone else have problems with Windows Update ~12/14/07?

    Jason G Newbie

      One of my sysadmins set up JBoss AS to run with JBoss Web Native. Everything was working fine up until yesterday when the service wouldn't start...

      Yesterday three things happened... and any of them could have caused the problem...
      * Windows updates were applied to the server (Windows 2003 Server)
      * Norton Anti-virus was upgraded from v9 to v10
      * Some tape backup system was installed

      I'm most suspicious of the Windows Update as the other two were uninstalled to no effect.

      We found a pretty quick workaround -- remove the 3 DLLs from the bin/native folder. I'm not sure if the problem was the .bat file itself or anything deeper...

      Regardless we're back up and running without issues... no need for an emergency triage.

      I wasn't able to reproduce the problem on my Windows XP workstation, and the sysadmin doesn't want me messing with his server -- so I can't do much more than describe what he explained to me over the phone.

      But I thought I'd check the forum to see if anyone else has had a similar problem (and share our temporary fix in case others haven't figured it out).

      Thoughts, comments?

      Jason G.