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    Load time weaving under the microcontainer

    dunks80 Newbie

      How do I perform load time weaving on annotated classes run with the microcontainer?

      I have my own aop interceptor and custom annotation that I use to bind the pointcut for the interceptor. I would like to run some unit tests and the classes being tested need to be aspectized. I would prefer to use load time weaving. I have tried putting -javaagent:jboss-aop-jdk50.jar as a jvm argument when running my tests. But my interceptor isn't being run. I am sure my interceptor works because it runs fine in JBoss 4.0.3. There must be a way to accomplish this because I"m also testing ejbs using embeddable ejb so the microcontainer must be able to peform load time weaving.

      I would appreciate any help.