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    How to access beans created by the bootstrap

    Romain Pelisse Apprentice

      I come from the Spring world ( please don't throw tomatoes to my face : ) ! ). I read the microcontainer getting started. I can see that most features of the spring core are reproduced here and i read the xml configurations quite easily. However i have hard time understand just one thing.
      Once I call the StandaloneBootstrap().bootstrap(), wich basicly parses the XML file and creates the proper beans, how can I get a reference to those beans.

      In the Spring framework, i add a static method such as :

      ApplicationContext cxt = new FileSystemXmlApplicationContext("config.xml");

      But i didn"t see anything like this in the 'A Guide For POJO developpers' , neitheir in the example... How can get back my instanciated bean ?

      I hope that my question isn't too silly...