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    Urgent! In container automated testing with JBoss

    Usha ShashiKumar Newbie

      We have our application deployed and running in JBoss. Our application depends on JMS, MDB, Datasource, container related services.
      We have to automate the testing for our application using the testing frameworks like testNG. We cannot use mock objects as our application heavily depends on the container services.
      From the link http://www.jboss.com/products/jbossmc we got below mentioned info but we are not sure how to implement this. Is there any steps document which would help us in acheiving our requirement.
      Also, would like to know if we can use TestNG alone to fulfill our requirement
      Very urgent, Please reply.

      Link Info:
      For example, JBoss Microcontainer is at the core of the JBoss Embeddable EJB 3.0 container, a unique product that gives you a full lightweight EJB 3.0 / JCA / JTA / JMS environment that is deployable on a servlet container like Tomcat, any Java application, or in an automated testing framework like JUnit or TestNG.