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    How do you override the source for configuration properties?

    Robert Buck Newbie


      Many of our products have configuration properties stored centrally in LDAP and/or Oracle databases. We would like to be able to refer to these properties in JBoss configuration files using property references such as:


      This is what I would consider ideal:

      1. have a way to intercept calls to resolve this property so that I can first attempt to load it from our own properties manager.

      2. If my properties manager returns null, have JBoss attempt to resolve the property using System properties much as it does today.

      FYI: An attempt had been made in years past to load ALL properties as system properties, but this does not scale, and it just makes no sense design wise: it does not make sense loading entire property sets into memory when all you need is one or two properties.

      Apart from modifying the microkernel itself to call directly into our properties manager, are there any other options? Are there any interceptors for property expansion or resolution?