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    maven and microcontainer

    ericomtx Newbie

      Is there some article or link how to build a microcontainer with maven that can be used in an application deployed in a tomcat instance ?

      I'm trying to use seam with maven and tomcat and all the examples come with ant

      One of the examples is jboss-seam-booking

      I can see that in example there is mc-conf.jar and jboss-seam-booking.jar in the classpath

      I would like to add microcontainer in my application with maven to run this application in TomCat

      But I have no idea where to start so that I can build these two files with their structure using maven ...

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          Ales Justin Master

          I think Microcontainer jar used in Seam comes from Embedded project, which I believe is currently unbuildable. :-(

          But running Maven in Microcontainer is the same as running Maven elsewhere - simply go to Microcontainer's root directory and run 'mvn install'.
          You should then get target directory in every module's directory. Simply pick up those artifacts that you need + check 3rd party lib dependencies and get them from your local Maven repo (should be there, since they will be picked up during build).

          In the future we are planning on having different build configurations to join all the artifacts that you need - e.g. jbossas config, standalone config, minimal, ...

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            Elias Ross Master

            One problem I got into was a number of dependencies were NOT marked as "optional" and there seems to be a whole ton of dependencies that get tossed into any MC-dependent project.

            Is this getting straightened out?

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              Ales Justin Master

              Having MC beta4 out, a lot of the issues was solved.
              But the fact is, that MC is not a small project, so pulling out large number of dependant libs is not that surprising.