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    JBoss Rails deployers, diagram and explanation

    Bob McWhirter Novice

      Howdy guys--

      I've written up a blog post and a diagram hopefully describing how the Rails deployer set (7 deployers) works:


      Thanks for all the help in the past weeks. I feel like I finally grokked some things with the realization that my goal shouldn't be "deploy a rails app" but rather "create some BeanMetaData to create an object that knows how to deploy a rails app".

      Once I figured that out (assuming I'm not still woefully confused), things started flowing very well.

      Ales-- I've tried to remove any wrongness from the Rails deployers. Using appropriate deployer subclasses (AbstractSimpleRealDeployer is super nice), minimizing the impact of JMX (no more ServiceMetaData...), etc.

      Anyhow, thanks again, and feel free to comment on the blog post either here or on the blog itself.