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    Autoexplosion of archives

    Bob McWhirter Novice

      Is there some standard or default way to mark certain archives as needing exploding before doing a true deployment, or even structure deployment?

      Turns out, even with the .rails archives bit, the JRuby bits aren't quite happy with URLs yet.

      I'd like a deploy/myapp.rails file, if it's not already exploded, to get exploded under tmp/... somewhere before structure recognition and metadata deployment. But if it is exploded (or a symlink to an exploded directory tree), just use it as-is.

      Bonus points if the link between deploy/myapp.rails and tmp/myapp.rails/ exploded directory is kept, and undeploy/redeploy still exists.

      If I have to write it myself, would you think it's a PARSE stage deployer looking for .rails? Will MC hand me non-leaf VirtualFiles for deployment? "Parsing" of the archive could be a visitor that explodes it into tmp/ and then deploys that new unit?

      Thanks for any insight,